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Kizomba is currently spreading rapidly and we experience again and again that many dance students have to be content with insufficiently explained step combinations. The actual main aspects of the dance are neglected. Kizomba improves the feeling for your own body and sensitizes you to transfer this into the rhythmic movement of the dance in close contact with your dance partner. Dealing with each other and respect for each other are essential components of Kizomba. These elements represent the basis that we want to convey. 
Dancing as a physical activity is closely linked to a mental encounter.


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I can only recommend it

“He teaches Kizomba in a very nice way, where not only dancing but also connection and musicality are important. The courses are varied, but if necessary, difficult figures are repeated until the processes really fit. Fabio is a very good teacher, I'm looking forward to more courses with him."

Holger Tessmer

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